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18 – 24 April 2016 - ALL OVER BIRMINGHAM




“By any standard one of the UK’s most ambitious and creatively programmed festivals” – Sight and Sound

Flatpack Film Festival returns to Birmingham next spring for its earth-shattering 10th edition: 18-24 APRIL 2016. Submissions are open, and salient programme details will be leaking out over the next few months. In the meantime you can browse last year’s programme, or follow our year-round activities in the What’s On and Projects sections. For regular updates on Flatpack business and other Birmingham goings-on, sign up to our email list.



Phil Fawke

As part of tomorrow’s Celluloid City programme, we have the privilege of chatting to retired projectionist Phil Fawke. Phil was ...

Time to Submit for Flatpack 10

A year compressed into 365 second-long animated days. A ghostly figure dances through a hauntingly beautiful world of violence and ...

An introduction to Celluloid City

After a pilot at Flatpack no.9, our Celluloid City project kicks off in earnest this autumn. To give you a bit of context on the whole ...

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